Take Me To Church Book Cover

When a life-altering event occurs in her preteen years at the hands of a church leader, Valene is left devastated and disillusioned. Take Me to Church is the emotional exposé on how sexual abuse, perversion, victimization, and shame, were handled in an independent black church in Ontario, Canada.

The Author in You Book Cover

So you like to write, but you’re not quite sure if you have what it takes to be a published author. The truth is becoming an author is an exciting step, and if you’re a writer at heart, then you have what it takes. Use this handbook to guide you along your journey.

Unbreakable: The Autobiography of the Life of Susan Stewart Book Cover

In 2005, Susan Stawart, an Olympic athlete, suffered a tragic accident that left her with a brain injury that threatened to take her life. After years of rehabilitation and a miraculous recovery, she has made it her life’s goal to motivate others to push beyond their limitations.

The Pastor's Son by Abner Garcia Falero

Confronted by constant struggle, juvenile delinquency, a life of crime and violence, and an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, Abner had to choose between life and death.

Lessons from a Cracked Pot Book Cover

A cracked pot represents someone who is not quite perfect. But can God use a cracked pot? Can He forgive us, make us clean, and use us for His glory?

The Metamorphosis Book Cover

They were two broken, wounded souls in need of love, and she felt she had enough to give him… They became inseparable. There was only one problem…

Where Would You Like Me To Stand by Erma Washington

Erma Washington’s articles and selection of poetry offer a new way of seeing the world. Her pieces are both educational and thought-provoking as she tackles a range of biblical and societal issues.

Speak Your Way To Purpose Book Cover

Minister and Life Coach Nicole O. Salmon shares her personal thoughts, inspirations, and life lessons through daily bite-size reflections to move you forward in your purpose.

Permanent Stain Book Cover

When love is born at the crossroads of culture and religion, a fight ensues.

Will love prevail? Or will cultural persuasion triumph?

The Life Map Book Cover

The Life Map will propel you into your greatest years and prove to be a knowledge-filled resource as you walk out God’s purpose for your life. Making your life count by maximizing your potential is a decision that will change your life forever.

Rythms of my Heart Book Cover

The author’s poetic utterances are inspired by real experiences, triggered by real emotions, and stirred by real desires. These poems will motivate, educate, and empower anyone who struggles but has a mind to excel against the odds.

Virtuous Woman Book Cover

Virtuous Woman explores the life of the Proverbs 31 woman. Verse by verse, Stacy Headlam-Hamilton examines what it means to walk as a woman of virtue and honour as described by this biblical passage.

The Cradle That Waits Book Cover

A woman’s journey with infertility, miscarriage and faith.
“There is so much shame around not being able to have a baby, especially in this world where we expect our bodies to simply operate the way they were meant to. After all, infertility isn’t exactly a sickness, like diabetes or cancer…”

Resilience Book Cover

Both raw and real, Resilience will confront your preconceived ideas of youth delinquency and challenge you to look deeper at parental and sibling relationships, and how these relationships impact the well-being and self-esteem of children and young adults.

Changing Lanes Book Cover

Changing Lanes is a semi-autobiographical account that illustrates that it is indeed possible to “change your lane,” from a place of bleakness and uncertainty to one of light and hopefulness.

Designed to be a Wife Book Cover

Designed to Be a Wife, written for the married and the unmarried woman, covers some of the complex and controversial issues that women must overcome in order to cultivate healthy marriages and foster loving homes.

The Battle Was Not Mine Book Cover

There are two types of battles—one that hurts you, and one that heals you. In her book, ‘The Battle Was Not Mine‘, Janice Codling walks readers through the various battles she has had to fight throughout her life, both physically and spiritually, and how she overcame them through surrender.